What foods increase male potency

In order to say which products increase potency in men, it is necessary to conduct scientific, correctly set experiments, the purpose of which will be precisely to identify the effect of specific food products on sexual function. In practice, this kind of "direct" research of products for increasing potency in men is very rare. More often, scientists receive thematic data as additional "side" information in the course of other research. Sometimes, however, it is enough to doubt that traditionally attractive nutrition to increase potency really helps a man to restore erectile function.

useful products for potency

Nevertheless, even scattered knowledge about food for potency is enough to make a list of the really best products for potency from products that supposedly increase potency in men. Today, popular ideas about a dietary basis for strengthening men's health are based on three "pillars":

Not all food for increasing potency in its "portfolio" contains a convincing legend, and confirming statistics, and real components in the composition, which, under certain conditions, could directly or indirectly affect "masculine strength. "But if the products have the last of the three components, then we can already talk about proper nutrition for men's health and about the composition in the menu of products that affect potency.

Linking legends and traditions with factual data

A recognized authority in the field of satisfying female passion is the hero-lover Giacomo Casanova, who released a detailed autobiography entitled "The Story of My Life. "With the name of Casanova and his fame as a lover, two products that increase potency are associated: oysters and chocolate.

If you do not take into account the fact that Casanova, in addition to love affairs, was also marked with his adventurism and a tendency to mystifications, and still believe his stories about himself, then of the two mentioned products that are useful for potency, only chocolate can be left on the list, which Casanova did in the form of a hot drink regularly. Oysters are mentioned only once in the pages of memoirs and in a random context.

In addition, in the first half of the 19th century in France and England, before the increase in uncontrolled fishing, oysters were considered food for those segments of the population that did not have enough money for meat, gradually becoming a delicacy from the second half of the 19th century. It is reasonable to assume that in those years the glory of the British and French men, as the most passionate and hardy lovers, should have arisen. But the cultural image of the nation at the level of tradition cemented the glory of lovers only for the French and without direct reference to the diet. And this suggests that it is not only about oysters.

Although, aside from the legends, the real gastronomic potential of oysters and their chemical composition make this food product for increasing potency a worthy meal for male libido:

  • Oysters contain zinc, iodine, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus. It is important here that zinc as a mineral is one of the fundamental elements for the production of testosterone and increasing potency in men. And iodine is involved in a complex hormonal process that affects the potency of a man through the state of the thyroid gland. A number of amino acids also work for the same task.
  • 5-7 oysters (about 100 grams) contain about 17 grams of protein, which is about a quarter of the body's daily requirement (based on 2-3 grams per kilogram of mass).
  • Oysters are low in calories: 95 calories per 100 grams.

Often, the specific effect of oysters is associated with the presence in their composition of dopamine (dopamine) - a chemical factor popularly known as the "hormone of happiness", which is part of the brain's reward system.

However, this reward system includes dopamine produced by the brain. Dopamine-based medicinal substances increase arterial vascular resistance and the removal of fluid from the body, and also thanks to them, the strength of heart contractions increases. This also indirectly affects male potency, which can be regarded as a factor confirming the legend.

However, you should pay attention to the fact that heat treatment neutralizes many of the beneficial properties of oysters, and consumption of oysters raw can pose a certain danger:

  • Due to the relatively high content of mercury, it is not always recommended to eat oysters to increase the potency of oysters - it can have the opposite effect: worsen health and reduce reproductive function.
  • Raw oysters often become the habitat of Vibrio Vulnificus, a bacteria that can cause not only gastroenteritis, but more serious diseases.
  • Oysters are contraindicated in patients with low acidity, diabetes and some other diseases.

Therefore, if men are attracted by the content of dopamine in oysters, then it must be borne in mind that the functional analogue of dopamine is found in the highest concentration in darkened bananas, which are also often named among the products that improve potency.

As for chocolate to improve potency (more precisely, cocoa, as the basis of this hot drink), then, in addition to Casanova, the Inca emperors believed in its effectiveness, and, after the appearance of cocoa beans in Europe, European courtesans who gave their men this drink. It is assumed that the specific effect of black (with the amount of cocoa from 65-70% and above) chocolate is based on the action of the theobromine alkaloid. It provokes male sex drive, which triggers the natural mechanisms associated with erectile function.

Another legendary remedy in the list of products that instantly increase potency in men is often mentioned camel stomach, or rennet. It is called a quick-acting remedy, because, according to common recipes, a three-gram ball of a dried stomach is taken immediately before intercourse (in some cases, half an hour before intercourse). In addition, a tincture is prepared from the stomach of a camel at the rate of 100 grams of a dried stomach per 250 milliliters of vodka, keeping it in a cool dark place for 2 weeks, which is also drunk before sexual intercourse.

Due to what the rennet works, it is difficult to establish, since it is not known about the scientific research of this folk method of increasing potency. But, taking into account the speed of the product and the fact that rennet is called the biological analogue of "Viagra", it can be assumed that the use of the drug contributes to a sharp increase in the flow of arterial blood in the pelvic region. However, drugs that increase potency in such a radical way, like any other potent drugs, should not be "eaten" every day.

Statistical indicators and men's health

If, according to statistical data, a group of people or the population of a certain region differs in one or another expressed functional or physiological indicators, then there is a basis for analyzing the diet as a diet to increase potency. "People are what they eat. "

So in the field of vision of one group of researchers came men who love spicy food. Diet for potency containing chili peppers has been statistically proven to be effective in a study by French scientists. The reason for the greater desire for sex and the willingness to engage in it was called the capsaicin contained in pepper. An increase in the level of this substance is associated with the manifestation of social dominance in a man and an increase in aggression.

The observation of the traditional food of the Spanish "fiery" bullfighters, who ate the eggs of a bull they had killed and a meat steak at a festive dinner, can be considered narrowly regional. By the way, practically no one doubts the value of meat as a product that must be eaten in order to increase potency. However, the specifics of the preparation of modern meat dishes are often discussed. This is due to the fact that manufacturers are constantly accused of using the hormone estrogen in feeding farm animals. As food for the potency of men, animal meat containing the female sex hormone has the opposite effect. To be on the safe side, in one of the dietary options, meat is offered to be boiled vigorously. It is believed that this way estrogen will remain in the broth and will not be able to provoke sexual dysfunction and erectile dysfunction.

However, larger-scale statistical studies cited around the world relate to the issues of balanced nutritious nutrition in general - nutrition that includes the entire composition of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, as well as deviations from the optimal indicators associated with nutritional characteristics in the modern metropolis.

So, a noticeable predominance of fast carbohydrates in food immediately affects the erectile function of a man. Glucose as a product of carbohydrate metabolism is essential for the normal functioning of the body. But the sudden consumption of large doses of sugar, necessary to increase energy, will inevitably trigger an insulin response in the body, which will quickly affect the decrease in erectile function. A way out of the situation can be useful products containing complex (slow) carbohydrates - polysaccharides, which are absorbed by the body gradually: starch, fiber, glycogen, pectins. In various combinations, slow carbohydrates contain:

  • vegetables and fruits (mainly raw or slightly cooked),
  • whole grain cereals (oats, wheat, bulgur).

In itself, the study of a problem from any one side rarely gives an exhaustive picture. And in this sense, nutrition for potency is also, only part of the overall picture, which must be collected from scattered observations. For example, the fact that, according to Turkish scientists from Ordu University, the risk of developing impotence depends on the blood group (men with the first blood group are most invulnerable to impotence) does not negate the need for a full-fledged, versatile diet.

Chemical composition of products and analogies

Often in an attractive diet of a man who cares about sexual health, there are products for potency that are included in the list by analogy, that is, on the basis of the analytical transfer of knowledge about an individual element contained in a food product to the properties of the product as a whole. In other words, if we know on the basis of experimentally confirmed experience that, for example, the amino acid L-arginine under certain conditions has a beneficial effect on the state of the cardiovascular system, and sexual function depends on the state of the cardiovascular system, then we can assume with a high probabilitythat a product with a pronounced L-arginine content will also have a positive effect on a man's erectile function.

This generally justified transfer, however, sometimes distorts the proportion in the ideas about products that affect potency. So about walnuts it is known that they need to be eaten about 15 pieces a day - then they increase erection and systemically increase potency. However, the direct effect of nuts on the physiological response to arousal is unknown. Indirectly, their beneficial effect can be assumed based on the content of L-arginine and zinc in them, which is associated with the formation of sex hormones. However, it is necessary to control the risks of consuming allergenic products, which include nuts, and the content of other components in the product, the benefits of which must be considered individually.

For example, pine nuts contain healthy monounsaturated fats that help lower so-called bad cholesterol levels, thereby improving blood vessel health. But at the same time, they are also common allergens and their uncontrolled use is associated with increased risks of an allergic reaction. The opinion that one should eat seafood is also based on the high concentration of zinc and iodine in many of them. But, as in the example with oysters, when choosing products, you need to control the associated risks.

Among the safe and at the same time known useful products that can increase potency at home, celery is most often called. It is often recommended to eat turnips, onions, garlic, peppers, asparagus, radishes to enhance the "masculine strength", and it is also often advised to increase potency with the help of beekeeping products. However, the general information that a particular element increases the chances of a man in bed does not automatically mean that it will be safe for you personally. Be attentive to the individual characteristics of your body and then you will be healthy and wealthy as a man.

Seafood and fish also have a positive effect on the sexual activity of the stronger sex. For example, crayfish broth, boiled seafood are excellent dishes to enhance potency. The sauce is best made with onions, seasoned with parsley, lemon juice and tomato. Oysters and caviar are considered excellent aphrodisiacs. It should be noted that it is good to supplement fish or meat with vegetables. Now you know which foods increase potency.

Folk recipes from around the world

It will not be superfluous to use folk recipes collected from all over the world. The recipes include aphrodisiacs - products that increase potency in men. In Italy, olive oil and garlic have long been considered the best foods for enhancing male strength, because they are used in many dishes of the peninsula's cuisine. In addition, the Italians distinguish baked tomatoes as a means to improve potency. Everyone knows that men from Italy are very temperamental, since aphrodisiac foods such as nuts and seeds are constantly present in their diet, they have a good effect on potency, since they contain vitamin E.

Indian cuisine is also rich in foods that increase potency. Among them are sesame seeds with honey. Honey also goes well with walnuts. In Siberia, in order to increase male potency, pine nuts are used for food. But they are not only eaten, but also they drink water, which is infused with crushed pine nuts.

What products increase potency in men, we will describe below. Asparagus, cilantro, celery, parsley should be added to food - these are natural aphrodisiacs. However, each nation has its own. In India, it is coriander, which is added to the dough in the manufacture of most dishes. In Central Asia, pistachios are considered to be an enhancer of potency in men, in Transcaucasia - products made from sour milk. Southerners have figs, which not only have a good effect on potency, but also improve the functioning of the liver, kidneys and heart. In the east, they drink tea with ginger and cloves for this.

Proper nutrition

As you understand, there are a lot of products that can help a man maintain and increase potency. However, in addition to individual products, proper nutrition is also very important for male strength. It is a mistake to believe that such advice applies only to men of a respectable age. This is not so, because the right products at any age can have a positive effect on potency.

Among the individual products that have a positive effect on potency, there are red and black caviar - it contains a lot of protein. Eating about 20 grams of caviar per month will help you increase your potency. In many countries, men eat bananas to be stronger in bed. And this is not in vain, since bananas contain many vitamins that affect potency increase. It is recommended to consume one banana a day, in this case, male strength will always be normal.

For proper nutrition, which will increase potency, various seasonings will not be superfluous - tarragon, thyme, cumin, anise. Dishes with such spices have a very bright spicy taste. It is also important to leave room in the diet for all kinds of dairy products - kefir, sour cream, yogurt, cottage cheese and more.

What can you refuse?

It is necessary to reduce the use of drinks with a high caffeine content, energy drinks, all this is done only by the illusion of increasing male strength. They are very harmful not only for the male body, but in general. Frequent consumption of caffeinated products increases the load on the heart and negatively affects the work of blood vessels, which can ultimately lead to thrombosis or heart attack.

Pasta and potatoes are useless for male power. But bakery products should be made from wholemeal rye flour, which contains many B vitamins. Products like sausages, sausages, wieners are harmful to male potency. To this, of course, you need to add nicotine and alcohol. A common misconception that alcohol increases potency leads to impotence in guys already at a young age. Alcohol acts as a stimulant only at the initial stage of consumption. If alcohol is abused, problems with potency cannot be avoided! This can lead to sexual dysfunction and decreased desire. Alcohol should be moderate.

Proper healthy eating, walking in the fresh air, playing sports are eternal companions that will always help to maintain male strength. Follow a healthy lifestyle and get out into nature more often, eat right and be healthy!