Good potency in men and the basic rules for maintaining it

The potency of a man includes such important characteristics as: the degree of tension of the penis, the speed of the onset of an erection, the course of the sexual intercourse itself and its duration.

woman and man with good potency

The key to harmonious relationships

It is known that at all times the ability to leave offspring and be the father of a family was considered one of the most significant opportunities given to a man by nature. So in our time of high technology, every person tries to realize himself spiritually and physically, because the lack of a full-fledged sexual life is a strong emotional trauma for any man.

Poor potency can be the result of not only psychological disorders, but also be the result of various diseases. Therefore, it is not without reason that close attention has been and is being paid to these issues by urologists, psychiatrists, sexologists, surgeons and other specialists.

Potency is a concept applied exclusively to the male sexual constitution and does not extend to characterize female sexuality. If you know the normal physiological sexual manifestations of a man, then it becomes clear what potency is.

The concept of norm

woman in bed with a man with poor potency

It should be noted that the quantitative characteristics of the components of "male" power are not defined in sexology. It is impossible to say exactly the "exact" limits of the duration of sexual intercourse, the "normal" limits of the size of the penis and a certain number of copulative frictions. It is noted that the average duration of one sexual intercourse is 2. 5 minutes, and the total number of frictions during coitus is equal to 50-60.

However, these are not normal indicators, so for some men, sexual intercourse lasts 30-40 minutes, reaching 300 or more frictions. From modern positions, the size of the penis does not affect sexual activity, except for those cases when a man gets hung up and focuses his attention on this.

Good potency is characterized by the following criteria:

  • strong sexual desire and desire;
  • strong and full erection, which contribute to the achievement of ejaculation and orgasm.

How to restore and maintain male power?

Consider what needs to be done in order to maintain male power for many years.

Proper nutrition

fruits for potency

The impact of nutrition on sexual activity and strength is associated with the prevention of diseases that impede the sexual abilities of a man. Fasting and vegetarianism reduce sexual desire and erectile function.

Increased potency occurs with the regular intake of animal proteins, which are found in red meat. After eating meat products, a person's energy metabolism increases, sexual desire and activity increase. In cases where sexual strength has decreased against the background of physical and emotional overwork, seafood (squid, shrimp), which contain the necessary trace elements (iodine, zinc, selenium), helps to restore balance.

Another important product that prevents the development of inferior (sluggish) sexual activity is fish. Fish contains a significant amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which prevent the development of atherosclerosis (one of the causes of vascular erectile dysfunction).

If the potency has disappeared or decreased, then plant foods are widely used to enhance it, especially parsley, artichoke, capers, radishes, dill, garlic, asparagus. Plants contain many substances either similar to sex hormones or contributing to their release. Stimulants of sexual activity are spices: cinnamon, cumin, anise, basil, cloves, saffron.

If sexual activity disappeared and sexual desire decreased, even in ancient times various herbal potions were used, which today are interpreted as herbal medicine (a decoction of meadow clover, nettle seeds).

Say no to alcohol!

Restriction of alcohol consumption. It is known that regular alcohol intake contributes to the loss of potency. The imaginary ability to eliminate stiffness and insecurity when communicating with a sexual partner can cause the emergence of a habit of drinking, which leads to alcoholism with the consequences described above.

In a healthy body. . .

A healthy lifestyle and dosed daily physical activity play a very important role in this matter.

Negative effects of drugs

You should also take into account such a factor as taking medications that suppress potency. For example, if it disappeared abruptly, all medications used at that moment should be reviewed. Men over 40 often have concomitant diseases (arterial hypertension, type 2 diabetes, glaucoma), so they are forced to take various drugs.

Drugs that negatively affect sexual strength include: antihistamines, hypnotics, bromine preparations, tranquilizers, some antihypertensives and drugs for the treatment of glaucoma.

In any case, if there are problems with potency, it is necessary to seek qualified medical help without prejudice and embarrassment, since more serious pathological conditions often underlie sexual disorders.