All about vitamins for men and vitamins for potency

To rule out any problems with potency and sexuality, should have all the vitamins for men and what foods are their sources. With information like that, the man will be able to support the immune system, saturate the body with necessary resources, ensuring the smooth functioning of the genitourinary system.

Vitamins for men

Vitamins, minerals, micro and macro elements are the resources, which promote full operation of any organ system. Potency and erection is directly dependent on the group of vitamins and minerals, many of them can be obtained from different foods or vitamin complexes. Experts have made a rating of the best vitamins for potency.

The benefits of vitamins

To improve the potency and enhance the immunity required a group of vitamins and minerals, because in this area involves many systems and processes. With a deficit of a substance slows down one is on, it pulls an extra load on the other organ, which causes problems and violations.

The most important for the whole organism are the following vitamins:

  • Retinol – vitamin a;
  • Thiamine – vitamin B1;
  • Riboflavin – vitamin B2;
  • Pyridoxine – vitamin B6;
  • Cyanocobalamin – vitamin B12;
  • Ascorbic acid – vitamin C;
  • Tocopherol – vitamin E;
  • Calciferol – the vitamin D;
  • Fillohinon — vitamin K;
  • Bioflavonoids – vitamin p.

All of these chemicals are biologically active substances necessary for normal functioning of the human body. They all support metabolism, protect the body from diseases and make you physically and intellectually healthy.


Each vitamin involves individual functions in the human body and thus must be consumed in a particular amount. Otherwise, it can be observed both the lack and excess of vitamins, and this entails a disorder the body.

Experts have identified the exact level of the daily requirement for each vitamin, namely:

  • A — 5000 IU;
  • B1 2 mg;
  • B2 – 3 mg;
  • V3 – 20 mg;
  • B5 – 10 mg;
  • B6 – 2 mg;
  • B9 – 200 mcg;
  • Ascorbic acid
  • B12 2 mcg;
  • RR – 10 mg;
  • With 60-80 mg;
  • D — 100 IU;
  • E – 30 IU;
  • R – 20-50 mg;
  • K – 100 mcg;
  • H — 200 mcg.

All of these components are contained in certain foods, in addition modern medicine offers synthetic analogues of vitamin tablets and capsules. Conventionally, these vitamins are divided into water soluble, fat-soluble vitamins and vitamin-like components. And these rates of consumption ensure the smooth functioning of the whole organism.

Essential vitamins for men

The male body differs from the female anatomy structure, functioning and needs, including vitamins. Experts have performed studies to clarify the group of vitamins, which is in dire need of men's body. As a result, it was determined what vitamins are best for men and which are not paramount.

The name of the vitamin Useful properties
Vitamin a (retinol) The most powerful immune stimulant that increases the body's defenses. Vitamin also leads to normal reproductive health, improves the quality of semen and gametes for the conception of offspring.
B vitamins (thiamine, Riboflavin, pyridoxine, cyanocobalamin) All b vitamins help the liver to cope with stress and normalize hormonal balance men. B6 and B12 are responsible for men's sexual activity, and B6 another, and normalizes the Central nervous system. B9 guarantees the stamina potency, improves the health of men.
Vitamin E (tocopherol) Knowing what is vitamin E used for something useful this component, the man will never know what is erectile dysfunction. Vitamin ensures the normal circulation and blood flow to the penis and accelerates the renewal and regeneration of cells, normalizes the endocrine glands. But the most important thing is that the vitamin is involved in the maturation of sperm.
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) This vitamin makes the blood vessels elastic and strong, leads to normal blood flow, providing strong erection. Vitamin naturally boosts the levels of testosterone, thus hindering sexual dysfunctions. Askorbinka increases the level of dopamine, the lack of which leads to a decrease in immunity, health, and frequent colds.
Vitamin D (calciferol) Useful vitamin for male reproductive system and potency. The optimal level of calciferol supports libido and normal levels of sex hormones.
Citrus fruits and vitamin C

How to take?

If we talk about the vitamins contained in foods, it is important to take all year round in optimal quantities. For example, vitamin a can be obtained from dairy products, greens, broccoli, yellow vegetables and fruits. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, in vegetable oils and fatty fish, b vitamins in vegetables and foods of animal origin as a source of vitamin D is direct sunlight.

In the off-season take a comprehensive vitamins for men on the following principle:

  • age 20-40 years – men should choose complexes with b vitamins, E and A, lipoic acid, vitamin N (improving the sperm quality, strengthening lean muscle and potency, reducing the negative consequences of bad habits);
  • age 40-50 years – the vitamins for men over 40 must contain ascorbic acid, vitamins E and A to protect the cardiovascular system, stimulation of immunity, and obstacles to age-related changes and aging;
  • age 55 years and older is an extremely important vitamin D for men, prevent heart attacks, strokes, strengthens bone tissue.

For high efficiency vitamin therapy is extremely important to observe the dosage. Many complexes involve capsules and pills with the exact calculation of the doses of all substances and their ratio. It remains only to follow the instructions to the drug and to eat a variety of foods. To enhance the action of each vitamin can be a comprehensive technique of all the above vitamins for male body.

Important! Minerals and vitamins are taken with food or immediately after that, to improve the digestibility of the components. Vitamins E, b and C are swallowed whole, washed down D a large amount of water.

Vitamin D

The effectiveness of drugs

Actually, not all vitamins for potency and supplements for erection is so effective, as stated by the manufacturer. First, not all components may be in one preparation and not to compete with each other, resulting in the popular mono-preparations.

Second, in the male body may lack certain vitamins, while others in the drug will be unnecessary. Therefore, preparations of vitamin components are often less efficient than specified by the manufacturer. The solution is the creation of the drug, where the daily rate of vitamins in divided doses.

Tips for choosing

To correctly select a vitamin preparation, a man should look not only to the composition and manufacturer. Experts advise to consider the following points:

  • The label is to draw attention to the need for the drug, and the dosage of each vitamin.
  • Lifestyle for active and mobile men, there are individual vitamins that improve physical ability, to potency and erection will have a different composition, there are also vitamins for the overall impact on the body.
  • Low iron – this mineral is in the product must be a minimum amount, its excess leads to myocardial infarction.
  • More testosterone – for increased sexual functions and reproductive abilities of the man the required testosterone boost which you can use zinc and selenium, and vitamin E.
  • Many-pill medication – if the daily rate of substances separated by several methods of capsules, this indicates a high effectiveness of the drug and the absorption of vitamins.
Mnogochastichnye drug

Price should not be an indicator for the selection of drugs, as many effective tools can cost a penny, while the foreign branded supplements with a weak performance indicator, but an extensive lineup will be sold for large sums of money.


To tell which vitamins are better for men, it can only be a medical professional and conducted diagnostics of the whole organism. Manufacturers offer as extensive vitamin complexes to enhance immunity and improve the tone of the whole organism, and so narrow the means to sexual activity, stamina, mental and physical disability, disease prevention or recovery.