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Heike Davina


  • With age and over time, a man will begin to feel like testicles ache after arousal, or after intercourse. As a result, the problem goes away only for 2%.
    3 June 2021
  • Vitamins for potency in men. What vitamins affect male potency? What medicines or preparations contain the necessary vitamins? Conclusions from the article.
    15 August 2020
  • Weak erection: main causes and treatments. Erection problems are familiar to many men who have crossed the 40-year mark. What are the causes of a weak erection and what can be done about it? All about methods of improving erection.
    13 August 2020
  • Basic rules for maintaining men's health. Folk remedies to increase potency: herbal medicine, vegetables, honey with nuts, baths with laurel, useful ointments, various products. Reviews on the use of folk remedies
    13 August 2020