How to increase the potency

The question is how at home you can quickly and effectively increase their potency, relevant today. At a Mature age in connection with changes in the male body, or rather with the reduction of testosterone, a frequent phenomenon is the decrease in sexual activity and a decrease in potency. This problem is of concern to many representatives of a strong half. Testes that produce sex hormones, after forty-five markedly reduce their activity. The reason is often maintain poor lifestyle, constant stress, overweight, diseases, lack of enough physical activity, "chronic" lack of sleep.


Rehabilitation techniques

Experience proven special techniques that allow you to quickly return to potency at home in normal condition and lead an active sex life.

Girth and stretching

This technique proposes to meet the girth of the fingers (thumb, index, middle) of the penis at the base before a date with sluggish response on the favorite. Such a method is known for a long time. It helps to fill with blood vessels. This "harness" is not removed before the start of the frictions.


In order to know how to increase the potency at home, must be familiar with the recommendations of the experts, which primarily attach great importance to simple physical exercises. They needed to increase blood flow in sexual organ, increasing his fortitude and endurance. These are:

  • With regular deep squats with return to initial position;
  • Making steps with each lifting knees alternately at right angles to the abdomen. The position of the hands — on zone. Smartness as a demonstration parade;
  • "Hold the stone" why put your hands on her waist and legs spread shoulder width apart. Squats are not performed until it stops. This position allows for maximum stretch and relax the buttocks;
  • Raise the pelvis from the supine position and again lowered. Runs on back to back. You can touch the floor;
  • Making Cycling movements, lying on his back. Hands are on the waist part. Knees slightly bent and feet up. To perform the rotation of the feet;
  • Training the intrinsic muscles of the pelvis lying on the back. Slightly bent and push knees. Alternately tensing and relaxing the muscle the perineum to the coccyx without strain buttocks. When the exercise is done correctly, this place is filled with pleasant warmth;
  • Run on the spot, without taking socks from the surface, it is useful to increase blood flow to the pelvic region.

Constant exercise brings tangible benefits. Five, then ten minutes daily seven days will bear fruit. Physical activity well to distract from unpleasant thoughts, and increase virility.

The right choice love the poses

means for potency

The position "man on top" is largely due to a rush of blood to the genitals. That's why is better to give preference to her. If this is uncomfortable, upright position during sexual acts is no less conducive to their successful passage. The position of women when it relies on hands and knees, and the man is back standing or on the knees, good help at home to quickly strengthen the penis and increase potency. Also increases and enhances male libido the pose where the woman is lying on her back, puts feet on the shoulders of men, he is to face her.

Exercises for pubic-coccygeal muscles

Stronger erections and increasing libido to female special muscle exercise, is largely able to help with lethargy reproductive male organ. This muscle helps to control and stop the jet emitted during discharge. The importance of this muscle lies in the fact that he:

  • Provides stamina;
  • It improves blood flow to organs involved in the sexual act;
  • Contributes to the achievement of testosterone at the proper level;

Such training provides increased potency and benefit everyone, regardless of have problems in bed or not. To determine the place where the muscle, stop the stream when emptying, and then resume urination, not holding my breath. Such training is long, short can be performed anywhere and anytime. They are invisible to the eyes of others.

Stand on tiptoe

The wisdom of the ancestors, was the fact that the toilet they did, standing on tiptoe. It helps keep it straight back. The liquid is free to leisurely exhale. Clenched teeth and tension of the abdomen and buttocks, improve the efficiency of the kidney, contribute to the treatment of male infirmity.

Useful tips

It is necessary to hold the seed during intercourse, avoid it very loose end. Such deterrence has a beneficial effect on potency, especially in advanced age. Young is not a problem – quickly recover, and Mature men "abstinence" from final action increases the attraction and activity.

If you want to strengthen the potency of folk remedies, stick to the following simple rules:

  • Exercise increases the muscle belly is the best indicator of sexual art;
  • Pay attention to dietary intake. The presence at the table of ginger, fish oil, bananas, lemons, chicken dishes, oysters, by the way. Indulge in boiled flounder and mackerel. More veal, seafood. Folk remedies that prescribe the consumption of turnips, nuts, eggs, chickens and quail, will enhance the ability to provide full sexual contact;
  • Massage the area around the testicles. They supply the body with the necessary energy, produce hormones, provide advantages during intercourse. The most common massage (even during intercourse) is very useful;
  • Most go barefoot or put mustard. This activates the desired point of the feet;
  • It is better to voluntarily give up cigarettes, alcohol is a bad helper in this case;
  • Great tool — douche. Beneficial effect on overall body tone, and promotes the health of men's bodies in particular. Pay attention to the morning and evening and feel the rush of male energy. Visiting saunas and baths are also good for improving blood flow in the genitals.
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Use tinctures

Tincture of hawthorn, Dubrovnik, lemongrass is an effective natural remedies for male enhancement. In addition, they are completely harmless and do not cause allergies. A few simple recipes with other ingredients of plant origin.


In the popular recipes onion plays an important role. In the treatment of such illness as potency, it is recommended to use the following recipe. Two onions finely chop and give infusions in 400ml cooled in boiling water for about four hours. Drain and divide into four doses throughout the day.


They are well crushed and mixed with fresh honey. The proportion of one to one. After each meal is enough to eat two small scoops with milk. At the end of the month your potency, thanks to folk medicine will be pleased with its consistency.


A tiny amount of 0.16 gram dissolved in one large tablespoon of warm water. Such a solution is especially useful in the morning before a meal or in the evening before bedtime. For nine days the results will delight you with increasing attraction to the beautiful half of humanity.


Psychological trainings

It is no secret that a good rest has a beneficial effect on the mental state and relaxation. The harmony of the human being is very important for the male libido. Keep a positive inner attitude, not allowing himself to be drawn into negative emotions. The main thing – it is not necessary to create the aggressive attitude around. Change your boring vanity for urban camping. Avoid conflicts with your spouse, not it will cause quarrels, mutual cooling. Let's make people optimistic and strong.