products to increase potency in men

On sexual performance of men is affected by several factors: genetics, diet, environmental conditions, stress, medications and the presence of chronic diseases. Men usually do not know how important is nutrition to preserve erectile function.

fish for potency

There are certain products for potency and improve it, which help to maintain libido at a high level. Others, on the contrary, affect erections negatively and at level of male hormones, which affects health.

Fish and seafood

To increase potency in men recommended to include in the diet foods rich in protein and unsaturated fatty acids.

Fish and seafood are great for these purposes, they are also rich in zinc and selenium, minerals that have a positive effect on sexual function. Omega 3 and omega 6 acids, found in fish, involved in the synthesis of testosterone.

Recent studies have shown that men who get sufficient vitamin D and necessary microelements, the level of male hormones increases, which affects the power of erection. Most useful for potency with fish and seafood are:

  • Flounder;
  • Mackerel;
  • Halibut;
  • Trout;
  • Mussels;
  • Squid;
  • Sardines;
  • Oysters;
  • Shrimp.

Oysters not only help to quickly arouse sexual desire, but to delay the finish line in bed. They are able to restore the lost potency or to increase considerably weak. The great Casanova ate for Breakfast about 50 oysters, but people with diabetes, and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract should be to eat the seafood with great caution. It is not necessary to follow a diet of Casanova, if the seafood for humans, and he's never eaten oysters in such quantities.

River fish is better to choose the sea, it is more useful amino acids and minerals. To cook recommend for a couple, so the product retains all the valuable substances and consumed less junk calories in the form of cooking oil.

products for potency

Fruits and vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are rich in beneficial fiber, and vitamins and minerals that improve blood circulation. Often the pathology of the blood vessels are the cause of sexual impotence and lack of power of erection. In a state of excitement in a healthy person genitals strenuously to blood supply, but in chronic diseases of the vascular system the process is broken, leading to lack of erection.

The potency raise the following vegetables:

  1. Chili;
  2. Beets;
  3. Celery;
  4. Ginger root;
  5. Asparagus;
  6. Lettuce;
  7. Pumpkin;
  8. Turnip;
  9. Hell;
  10. Avocado.

Salad and greens are rich in valuable magnesium, and beet — nitrite, which the body turns into nitric oxide. This substance relaxes blood vessels and expands them, improving blood flow and erection. To improve the potency recommended daily drink one glass of fresh beetroot juice.

Turnip and pumpkin — one of the cheapest vegetables in the market, and for men their use is enormous. Amino acids contained in the fruits and seeds have an impact on attraction to the opposite sex, increases libido and normalize the nervous system.

The chili pepper contains a substance capsaicin, which has a positive effect on spermatogenesis. Enough only 2 mg of the pungent spices in the day to support sexual function, this is equivalent to about a quarter of the pepper of medium size.

Ginger root added to the main diet that can restore the reproductive function of both men and women. In this product there are biologically active substances, hydrating the body as a whole and influencing the formation of sperm and egg.

The potency can also increase some fruits:

  • Fig;
  • Watermelon;
  • Strawberry;
  • Bananas;
  • Lemons and oranges;
  • Grapes.
citrus for potency

In the East figs are considered a strong aphrodisiac, and grapes is used to treat male infertility. Useful not only berries, but also fresh juice from them. Orange and yellow fruits often contain lutein, which increases blood levels of testosterone. The effect only works on men, women can safely eat lemons and oranges in large quantity, this in their body of male sex hormones will not increase.

Greens, herbs and spices

Many spices and herbs are considered natural aphrodisiacs. The various peoples of the world use them in their recipes for increasing sexual activity and stimulating sexual desire. They contribute to the rapid arousal and stronger erections.

It is better to add them in small quantities in regular food and hot drinks that are not only healthy, but also enriches the flavor of familiar dishes is:

  • Thyme;
  • Cumin;
  • Basil;
  • Garlic;
  • St. John's wort.

Use Hypericum for men known since ancient times, this herb added to tea and used to make broths, to return energy and libido.

St. John's wort is particularly useful for those who live in constant stress, experiencing great emotional and physical stress. The plant removes fatigue, improves mood, and returns the sexual desire.


Garlic and some other spices will not cause positive emotions in companion of a man if he would eat them right before a date. However, regular consumption of these products gives men strength, it is enough to add herbs to food just once a day, and directly before intercourse to refrain from them within a few hours.

You need to remember that not all spices and herbs are useful for potency. It is not necessary to send in a dish or tea all that are at hand. There are a number of medicinal plants, providing for the erection opposite effect.

Bee products

Of all bee products best increase the potency of honey and pollen, they are beneficial to the blood supply to the genitals and stimulate the production of testosterone.

Any bee products useful for men, but in Perge contains valuable protein, required for normal intimate life. Fructose and glucose, which is present in it, much better purified refined sugars. Best actor in a dessert to increase potency honey, mixed with walnuts or almonds.


Many types of nuts contain arginine, an amino acid that improves blood circulation. For the preservation of male power you can eat them raw or roasted, mixed with dairy products or honey. The most useful for potency nuts:

  1. Almonds;
  2. Nutmeg;
  3. Pistachios;
  4. Walnuts and pine nuts.
dairy products

Adherents of a healthy diet prefer to make almond milk and then drink it or add it to smoothies and desserts. The greatest effect can be achieved using a mixture of nuts, dried fruits and honey.

Dairy products

Fresh and natural dairy products are very useful, they have not only enough protein, but also minerals, vitamins. Most valuable to the reproductive system are:

  • Yogurt;
  • Cheese;
  • Yogurt;
  • Sour cream;
  • Cheese.

Remember, dairy products, protein in addition to often contain a lot of fats, the same can be said about the nuts. In small quantities these substances are useful for the body, but excess harmful. It not only leads to rapid weight gain, but also bad for erectile function. You should treat them as drugs at the recommended dose they will benefit, but excess dosages is undesirable.


Milk or white chocolate to increase potency does not work, only needed the dark. In cocoa there are unique chemical substances that cause a person release endorphins, similar to the hormones that are allocated from a man in love.

In dark chocolate the percentage of cocoa content is much higher than in milk. It is better to choose tiles with bitter 70% cocoa and above, that are low in sugar and unwanted fat.

olive oil

Olive oil

In Ancient Greece to increase potency used olive oil. Fats, in particular vegetable, is very important for the reproductive system, without them there is no normal sperm production. Men are encouraged to follow them with enough in your diet, otherwise, sexual function may be affected.

Olive oil is best suited for the shortfall of unsaturated fats. It is a real cure for the cardiovascular system. Experts recommend to always keep it in the kitchen and use in different dishes.

To enhance potency are advised to prepare a mixture of olive oil, garlic and other spices. This sauce seasoned salads, or just eat it with fresh wholegrain bread without yeast.


Coffee-containing drinks are useful for potency only in moderation. The excess of invigorating beverages on the contrary deprives a person of strength and is bad for the cardiovascular system. It is recommended to drink no more than 1-2 cups of strong coffee a day.


Caffeine relaxes the smooth muscles that enhances erectile function and activates the production of sperm. Studies have been conducted that have shown that men who daily consume 1-2 cups of coffee, last longer sexually active.

Foods that should be avoided

Men who are concerned about the problem of potency, it should be excluded from the diet of a number of products. First and foremost, this applies to food and beverages that contain natural estrogens, is:

  • Soy products (tofu, milk, oil, sauces and pastas);
  • Beer;
  • Bean;
  • Fatty meats;
  • Corn oil and soy oil;
  • Sweet drinks;
  • Alcohol and energy;
  • White yeast bread and pastries.
  • The combination of butter, sugar, and yeast in breads slows down the synthesis of testosterone. Each of these products individually undesirable, and their mixture only increases negative impact.

It is better to minimize the consumption of salt and sugar, and foods with a high content of cholesterol, fatty and deep-fried dishes:

harmful products
  1. Sausages and products from fatty meat;
  2. Liver pate;
  3. Fast food (hamburgers, pizza, fried potatoes, etc.);
  4. Butter and margarine;
  5. Cheeses (in large quantities);
  6. Egg yolk.

Increases the potency of a well-balanced and adequate nutrition. If in order to maintain libido person will choose only one product and neglect the rest, the effect will not be achieved.

The imbalance of nutrients in the body sooner or later will make itself felt in increased fatigue and lack of strength. Those who care about men's health should include in the diet all the useful for potency products, each of which in suitable quantity.